Raamat 12 "The Flavors of the Sea and Forest on the Romantic Coastline"

The long coastline of Pärnu Bay gives a touch of magic to the local cuisine, with its seaside charm and the freshest natural ingredients. This flavourful cookbook invites you and your loved ones to embark on a heartwarming journey, exploring small farms, cosy restaurants, and food producers. Adventure awaits on the Romantic Coastline. 
- www.rannatee.ee

This book also includes recipe of Elly well known ice-cream to try at home. 

Project manager and author: Eveli Ilvest
English translation: Eiffel Meedia OÜ
Designer: Aila Utsu-Püttsepp
Photos: Eveli Ilvest, Tuuli Mathisen and Triin Pitk
Copyright: Pärnu Lahe Partnerluskogu
Book published with the support of the Leader Programme

Lisa ostukorvi
10 €